FCL LCL Consolidation

We at Simons Logistics, provide an import consolidation program for those consignees with multiple suppliers. Rather than small shipments, LCL shipments, we can consolidate your vendor's cargo into a full container for maximum container utilisation. This also allows for pre-sorting, according to destination and possible distribution options through our de-consolidation program.

fcl-lcl-consolidation In addition to our FCL services, Simons Logistics, also provides an export consolidation program for those shippers with multiple suppliers from India. Rather than small shipments - LCL shipments - we consolidate cargo into a full container for maximum container utilization.

Our consolidation service offers the advantages of competitive freight rates, competitive insurance premiums, reduced risk of pilferage and reduced packing costs. We make all arrangements for combining of goods at origin, and separation of cargo at destination. This means that you can enjoy the economic benefits of consolidated shipment, without the concerns of separating your goods at destination.